darksidebluezz (darksidebluezz) wrote in owzers_gallery,

Setzer Art rejects..

Here is what was ultimately cut out of the Setzer Artwork I posted the other day.

We have:

A: My first rendition of the BlackJack. I got all nice and colored before I realized it looked stupid. I think it looks like a cross between a flying turkey and the ship from Futurama. Thankfully, I ditched and just drew from an image I found online.

B. This is the Falcon. My original sketches had the Falcon up close and directly behind Setzer, so it would sort of be the main backdrop. But it was just too big, and I couldn't get the right detailing to show, without it ultimately dwarfing Setzer. So, it got cut, and I am glad too, I wasn't really a big fan of the art anyways.

C. This is Setzer swinging with Celes that was to be on the left side where the stacks of gold now are. I like the art (taken from a Spider-Man action shot), but just couldn't get every thing to fit with the main Setzer, it got the axe. And oh, how I tried to get it to fit..I basically flipped everything in the picture to try and get this to fit, to no avail.

D. Some rejected dice. Thought they looked cool at first, then realized they looked stupid.

So there you have it. My next character collage is underway! Hopefully it won't take three weeks like Sir Setzer did.


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