darksidebluezz (darksidebluezz) wrote in owzers_gallery,

Back Into the Swing of Things...

Alrighty, here was the drawing I was mentioning in my previous post. All told, this took me about three weeks total. I drew it, colored it, and basically did all of it from work, so days could go by before I could get to it. That left side of Setzer though...errrgh...didn't turn out quite like I envisioned, and in fact, I had to scrap a pic of Setzer swinging on a rope carrying Celes/Maria in his arms because I couldn't get it to fit properly. So, stacks of gold were used. And, my initial drawing of the BlackJack was just awful, because I couldn't remember how it looked, so I had to use the Internets to get a good idea of what I was drawing. Now that I am thinking about it...I'll try to post the unused drawings in a bit..

I have in mind three other sort of collages like this for other characters, and I plan on drawing at least those three...but they may take me a bit. I won't give away who the three characters are though (I have two of them already drawn).

Okay that's it...hopefully some other folks get the 'Creative Spirit' and draw some more!

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