blindmole (blindmole) wrote in owzers_gallery,

LOCKE COLE ! THATS treasure hunter dicks!

i love how this came out. i really really do the chucks was a nod to the original drawing i did years ago. the orange bandanna just complimented the color scheme. i just love his awesome jacket with the RETURNERS patch.... i like that even though he is their covert operative that he would still broadcast his alliance like that.

Locke game play wise ... well SUCKS ... flat out. there is damn near NOTHING worth stealing in this game. and hios attack wasnt very good and he could NOT take a hit ... but he was fast .... not shadow fast ...  BUT IT DIDNT MATTER TO ME EVER!   put a ganji glove and offering on him .... and teach him ASSLOADS of magic (mainly my healer) and stick him at the front of my party,

i loved his story .... he builds well. the whole ..."ill protect you terra" then "ill protect you celes"    then you learn about rachel and its amazinG! .... he is such a tortured character but through that he is also the bright shining character making jokes and crackwise the whole game.  i love the way him and sabin play off each other. both of them have that I LOVE LIFE mentality ... i dig that.
he is easily the hardest charcter to get the world of ruin .....(if you arent prepared the phoenix cave is PURE EVIL)  

Locke will forveer be up there on my favorite videogame characters of all time list .... especially favorite RPG characters.

Next up ... Kefka.

p.s. Im sorry guys .... i really dropped the ball here. im so sorry that i fucked up so bad. the next thing of this nature we do i promise to do better. see you soon.
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