blindmole (blindmole) wrote in owzers_gallery,

SETZER! Gambler and King of the Skies

they shpouldve just given him a cajun accent seriously.

   hahha  i wish i had done this for all my characters ... i mean liek an action shot instead of just the  stoic character profile that i did.
essentially i just drew a gambit pic and then changed it up. but i took nods from lots of places  ... obviously i started with a gambity look.
and also i used the SASH that he wears in Kingdom Hearts 2 (BEST CAMEO EVER) but the most subtle is that i colored his pants like han solo .... because thats what he is to me .... if gambit was less stupid and merged with han solo.  thats Setzer!

setzer fucking rules. you know it. i know it. we all know it ..... too bad he sucks. like seriously ..... slots is not the est ability out there. and coin toss doesnt help you until kefkas tower when you finally can waste all that money. 

i always loved his story .... from where you get him ... as he steals himself a bride .... till you find him in the world of ruin drinking away his sorrows.... till you give him back his wings.

sucks .... i love him so much but i just never could find a place for him on my team .... WHY WONT THEY GIVE US FIVE MEMBERS AGAIN! AGH! FF4 I LOVE YOU!
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