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Alrighty, here is the completed Gau that I hinted at last post. I think it turned out better than the Setzer one, but Gau has so little of a backstory that it was hard to come up with things to put into the background, as you can tell by the lower right background being just leaves. I thought of using 'Dried Meat', but thought it would just look like a piece of bacon, and deemed it wasn't really all that appealing. Also, I don't really want to keep doing silhouettes in these, but so far I am two for two. The black on the bottom of the rock is also something I am not a huge fan of, but meh, I'll deal.

OH! If anyone can tell me the name of that little creature Gau is trying to catch, that would be awesome. I know they are in the game, and you fight them in the World of Ruin. They look like mice with huge tails? Anyone?

Prolly be another three weeks for the next one... :)

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